Music, special effects, natural sounds… The quantity of audio files at Catooh is huge, just as their range of use. Whether it is for music and film productions or for private photo shows and business presentations – music and effect sounds always guarantee liveliness.


Thus it is no surprise, that selling audio media at Catooh is especially attractive. For further useful tips and information from our editors, read the tutorial below. Continue reading

When you have a look at the videos we are offering at Catooh, you will see, that they are manifold. There are technically demanding computer animations, impressive shoots of landscapes and everyday scenes as well as videos relating to special topics such as sport, party, love and many more.


For you as a film-maker, this means the possibility to offer videos with various content at Catooh. As long as you are not presenting sexual acts, violence or content that is in any way illegal, there are no limits set on your creativity.


To take a look at our basic technical, judicial and creative requirements, read our PDF manual "Information for sellers".  Additional tips from our editors are offered to you in this tutorial. Continue reading

Although we already summarized our criteria for media quality and composition in our PDF manual "Information for sellers", some sellers still make avoidable mistakes that affect the process of selling their media at Catooh.

This tutorial was created to give you advice, concerning judicial and technical basics, as well as giving you tips for composing your photos and entering your media in our database. We focus on photos only and on the special things that need to be considered when working with them. Continue reading