Although we already summarized our criteria for media quality and composition in our PDF manual "Information for sellers", some sellers still make avoidable mistakes that affect the process of selling their media at Catooh.

This tutorial was created to give you advice, concerning judicial and technical basics, as well as giving you tips for composing your photos and entering your media in our database. We focus on photos only and on the special things that need to be considered when working with them. Continue reading

Next to audio, video and image files, which can easily be integrated and used in several MAGIX programs, Catooh also sells various templates and effects which are saved in a special file format. Media from the category 'Templates & Effects' is saved in .mtp or .mis – an archive format which the user needs to install into a MAGIX program, before it can be used. Continue reading

Next time you are watching a movie, close your eyes for a moment and concentrate on what you can hear. You will see, that this is quite a lot. That is because the soundtrack with its musical passages and sound scape contributes a large part in how we feel while watching a movie and how we experience the pictures; either peaceful or menacing, happy or sad… Every motion picture has its own sound design.


Once you realized that, you can work on your own movie's soundtrack with a totally different approach and underline the individual scenes with matching music and sounds. This tutorial will show you how to do that. Continue reading

Spice up your videos and excite your audience. Back in the old days, special effects were to be seen only in huge Hollywood productions or music videos. But that is different now. Working with special effects on your own movies has become pretty simple nowadays. And MAGIX Movie Edit pro and Catooh are making it even more simple. With only small effort you can achieve an astounding outcome. Continue reading

On 31st October it is time for Halloween again! And this is just the perfect occasion for celebrating a wild Halloween party. Invite your friends and your family, make sure they all are dressing up and then present the surprise of the evening: the production of your own Halloween-Horror-Movie.


All you need is an evenly green or blue plane in front of which you can film your guests a.k.a. your actors. Later, you can place them in front of every setting you like, working with MAGIX Movie Edit Pro. Audio- and picture effects will create additional tension.


This tutorial shows you, how to do that. Continue reading

Show Maker Styles transform your vacation pictures and records into a real movie – fast, easy and individual. Create movies in a few minutes!


You know what it's like. You make an effort, capture nice moments, take impressive photos, make amazing videos – and then you have no time to create a good movie from it. With Show Maker Styles this is no problem. We show you today, how you can make a real movie with an intro, special effects and even matching music in just a few minutes. Continue reading